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Every horse is fed high quality alfalfa and grain twice daily.  If your horse has any diet restrictions, we gladly accommodate those needs.  We are also happy to provide seasonal as well as year round care.

Private Barn Stall

Our oversized 15x15 and 15x20 stalls are generously bedded with fresh shavings and are 2-3x cleaned daily.  

Cost: $28/ day

Additional Costs

Light Program- $1/ day

60 days prior to desired breeding date, mares are placed under lights from 5pm-11pm.  This helps the mare begin to cycle. The light program is available December 1- April 15.


Private Pen

Pens are 40'x50', cleaned daily and are large enough for a horse to get exercise without living with multiple other horses.

If preferred, up to two horses can live in one pen for a reduced rate.

Cost: $25/ day

Two Horses in a shared pen (same owner): $45/ day 

Wet Mare- $3/ day

Mares with foals on their side are fed an increased ration, to ensure proper nutrition for both the mare and her growing foal.  



Horses live in carefully selected groups, based on personal needs.

Cost: $20/ day

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