If you have any questions regarding our fees please feel free to give us a call.  We're happy to explain them to you.

Vaccination Charges

For the well being of all horses at Bear Creek Equine, we require a current coggins (within 1 year), and the following vaccines: EWT, Rabies, WNV (all within 1 year), Rhino/Flu and deworm (both within 60 days).  If the horse is not up to date, we are happy to perform the procedures necessary. 

Coggins: $25

Health Certificate: $25

6-Way (EWT, Rhino/Flu, WN): $65

Rabies: $10

Rhino: $25

Flu: $20

Deworm: $6

Strep: $20

Additional Related Charges

Seasonal Ultrasound Fee: $75 (1-time charge)

Palpations: $15 each

Palpation + Breeding: $25

Breeding with Frozen Semen: $150

Embryo Flush: $350

Foaling Fee: $300

Foal Plasma Transfusion: $350

Uterine Culture: $60

Uterine Lavage: $60