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At Bear Creek Equine, we are experienced in every aspect of reproduction, from conception to delivery.  

Mares may be dropped off at the beginning of the season and picked up when safely in foal, or hauled in for palpations/breeding/embryo flushes.  Whatever your preference, we are happy to do what best meets your needs.

Mare Management

Your mare is individually scheduled for palpations according to her personal needs.  We are in the business of getting mares in foal and specialize in 'problem' mares that may have reproductive difficulties.

Once in foal, fetal sexing is available at appropriate times in your mare's gestation.

We also offer breeding soundness exams, which includes a reproductive ultrasound, vaginal exam, culture and biopsy.

Artificial Insemination 

Embryo Transfer

We don't take the word experienced lightly.  Dr. Rogers and Rachel have bred roughly a combined 10,000 mares, and offer AI via cooled and frozen semen, as well as deep horn insemination.  

Dr. Rogers has flushed around 3,000 mares in his veterinary career.  


Donor mares are flushed 6-8 days after ovulation, depending on her specific needs.  Even though  we do not have on-site recipient mares at this time, courier services are arranged to be sure your embryo safely arrives at it's destination.  

Foal Watch

Mares that are close to foaling are routinely checked around the clock to ensure an assisted foaling.  If any severe problems do arise, Bear Creek Equine uses Oakridge Equine Hospital as a referral hospital.

All mares foal out in private, over-sized stalls that are bedded with straw.  For the first 10 days of the foal's life, they will live on straw before being moved to shavings.  

Under the watchful eyes of Dr. Rogers and Rachel, any conformational or medical issues common with new foals are noticed and treated quickly and efficiently.  Foals left in our care for an extended period of time receive all appropriate vaccinations, a monthly CBC, routine trimming and are halter broke. 

Newborn Foal

Assisted Reproductive Techniques

Transvaginal Aspiration- For embryos that are produced via ICSI, we provide the proper management required to prepare the mare for TVA.

Twin Reduction- In the event that a mare bred to carry produces twins, Dr. Rogers is experienced and successful in the reduction of one of those embryos.  

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